3rd January


UNDER 1800cc - 68 cars 
Heat 1 (23 cars) Classics - 133 Ian Parkes (Capri), 155 Robert Phillips (Viva), 240 Rob Setters (Lada)
Heat 2 (21) - 80 Matt Nutley, 54 Alan Cartwright, 51 Dan Crosbie, 4 Doug Craig, 275 Shane Allen, 969 Andy Fryer
Heat 3 (18) - 208 Jimmy Randall, 239 Steve Carter, 427 Dean McPhilimy, 43 Leigh McCaffery, 382 Alex Edwardson, 123 Rob Smith
Heat 4 (22) Classics - 256 Jamie Turner, 315 Jack Holmes, 133 Ian Parkes, 727 Simon Young, 395 Joe Donworth, 128 Daniel Allen
Heat 5 (20) - 425 Neil McPhilimy, 67 Rickie Beasley, 731 Shaun Dyer, 969 Andy Fryer, 275 Shane Allen, 74 Jason Kew
Heat 6 (15 ?) - 208 Jimmy Randall, 190 Steve Bailey, 74 Jason Kew, 239 Steve Carter, 123 Rob Smith, 184 Andy Nutley
Final (22) - 208 Jimmy Randall, 54 Alan Cartwright, 67 Rickie Beasley
Allcomers (17) - 51 Dan Crosbie, 67 Rickie Beasley, 131 Stephen Cock
Demolition Derby (6) - 190 Steve Bailey from 208 Jimmy Randall

OVER 1800cc - 70 cars
Heat 1 (18 cars) - 124 Carl Korszewski, 6 Mark Holdsworth, 54 Alan Cartwright, 296 Terry Barber, 252 Steven Bugler, 822 Alan Webb
Heat 2 (24) - 348 Sonny Sherwood, 218 Rob Speak, 199 Jamie Wyatt, 360 Jack Reynolds, 74 Jason Kew, 702 James Dodge
Heat 3 (25) - 40 David Wilde, 146 Dan Wigman, 491 Neil Sparks, 40 Pete Stanley, 05 Carlos Perez, 82 Paul Tomkins
Heat 4 (23) - 199 Jamie Wyatt, 257 Timmy Aldridge, NOF
Heat 5 (36) - 273 Stuart Emery, 384 John Golden, 617 Jack Overy, 169 Jason Thompson, 146 Dan Wigman, 702 James Dodge
Final (19) - 124 Carl Korszewski, 348 Sonny Sherwood, 702 James Dodge
Allcomers (33) - 617 Jack Overy, 298 Sam Wyatt, 702 James Dodge
Demolition Derby (13) - 360 Jack reynolds from 362 Matt Godden

MONDEOS - 30 cars
Heat 1 (30 cars) - 05 Carlos Perez, 382 Jack Foster Jnr, 730 Deane Mayes, 208 Jimmy Randall, 252 Steven Bugler, 808 Jason Buckland
Heat 2 (22) - 808 Jason Buckland, 208 Jimmy Randall, 190 Steve Bailey, 382 Jack Foster Jnr, 239 Steve Carter, 180 Mark Foster
Final (18) - 05 Carlos Perez, 808 Jason Buckland, 190 Steve Bailey
Allcomers (9) - 208 Jimmy Randall, 190 Steve Bailey, 383 Jack Foster Jnr
Demolition Derby (8) - 208 Jimmy Randall from 180 Mark Foster

Top Under - 700 Steven McNamara, Cortina, 395 Joe Donworth A50
Top Over - 622 Gary Webb, Cadilac Fleetwood, 13 Pieter Leistra, Mk 1 Mustang
Top Mondeo - 05 Carlos Perez
Best Wrecks - 315 Jack Holmes, 296 Terry Barber, 416 Danny Lawrence
Entertainer - Under - 727 Simon Young, 133 Ben Wyatt, 741 Tony Crozier 
Furthest travelled - 121 Trevor Mulligan, Belfast

HMC 2010 is now fully booked with over 200 cars

Spectating - To enhance spectator viewing only cars & small car sized vans will be allowed track side parking.
All large vans, minibuses, lorries etc must park in the field outside which is only a couple of hundred yards from the track. 

The countdown is now underway to one of the biggest meetings of 2010 
Three classes of Bangers this year - Under 1800cc, Unlimiteds & Mondeo's only (All Mondeos, regardless of engine size, 4 wheel drive must be converted to 2 wheel drive)
There will be classic races as usual as long as there are enough cars for a race.
Banger only meeting with around 20 races. No Rod classes.
See it at Standlake Arena on Sunday 3rd January 2010 - 12 Noon start time.
2000+ prize money - well split between smart cars, racers, wreckers, winners & losers.
Everyone pays 10 through the gate, accompanied children 16 and under free.
Racers pay 10 on the day through the gate, nothing else to pay at scrutineering.
Racers - Keep your cars going and you all get at least 2 heats, allcomers race & DD + Final if you qualify.

Car eligibility - No Pickups, No large 4x4's / Station wagon type vehicles (even if they are 2 wheel drive). Car derived Yanks allowed. Car derived 4 x 4's allowed (Sierra etc). All large Chassis vehicles have to race in the Overs. No Transit axles. No ott welding. Cars built to National Bangers spec,  If you have something different and are unsure about the eligibility phone Keith on 01993 200964, better to check than be refused on the day. 

RACE DAY - All competitors please read:
Please appreciate this meeting is like no other meeting at Standlake, for that reason it is essential that all racers including our locals fully cooperate with us from the moment you enter the Arena.
Please arrive in good time, don't leave it until the last minute, gates will be open at 8.30 am.
Only towing vehicles will be allowed in the pits so make sure you have everything with you. Support vehicles, vans etc will not be allowed in the pits.
On entering the pits please park where the marshals direct you.
The top pits are for Under 1800cc Bangers only, also no BIG lorries are allowed in the top pits.
All Unlimited Bangers and BIG lorries must use the bottom pits (the first ones you drive into).
Small cars in the top pits and big cars in the bottom pits will be rigidly enforced to ensure the smooth running of the meeting. It is far easier to get the smaller wrecks back up to the top pits than it would be the bigger cars.
Everyone must park where you are told and park as tightly as possible to the car next to you.
Places in the pits can not be saved for your mates - If you want to park with your mate then you must rendezvous before you arrive at the track and then arrive together.
All scrutineering will take place on the track from 9am to 11.30am, please get scrutineered as soon as possible and please drive dead slow through the pits.
All racers will be given two tickets when scrutineered, don't loose them as you need to hand them over when you go out for your two heats. If you don't have your ticket to hand over you won't be allowed on the track.
The top 30 or so point scorers from the heats will qualify for the Final. 1st,2nd & 3rd places in the heats will almost certainly qualify you, 4th, 5th & 6th places may qualify you but depending on numbers there is no guarantee. For the Final cars will be lined up two abreast and pole will be decided with an Incarace style draw.
1st, 2nd & 3rd places in all races (except DD's) will receive a trophy plus a cash voucher. Prize money can be collected in race control after 4pm. Final winners will also receive a voucher for a Dvd of the days racing from Westcountry Videos.
Now the nasty bit - you will be loaded up if you turn round and race the wrong way, jack stationary cars, attack anyone on the centre of the track or attack anyone by coming off the centre or if you continue to race/hit after the Red lights/flags.    As long as you go the right way round and stay on the track your OK.

Finally have a great day everyone and remember all our meetings through the season have plenty of action. Check our dates on the back of your race day programmes or Here and pay us another visit ---- Everyone's welcome ----

---- Keith ----

You all know I'm not a lover of lists as I hate no shows and the possibility of misleading anyone.
This years bookings have been done in record time and I think you will all agree that we have a really impressive line up of racers and material.
Have a great day everyone, fingers crossed on the weather. ---- Keith ----

Racers booked in to race at HMC 2010
209 cars are now booked in.

It is imperative to the smooth running of HMC that these lists are 100% accurate.
Whichever class you are booked into is the class I am expecting you to be racing in.
If you want to change your class or car it's not a problem but you must inform Keith as soon as possible so that I can plan the meeting format.
If you change your booking without letting me know you may not be allowed to race.
Cancellations - let me know as soon as possible as I have a reserve list of racers wanting to race.
'No Shows' on the day is just about as low as you can go and you will not get a booking at Standlake in the future. it only takes an email or phone call.
I'll thank all racers now for your co-operation.

Not on the lists - then you're not booked in and you're not racing at HMC 2010.
Don't turn up if you're not booked in, no matter who you are, you'll be turned away and without a race.

List updated 1st January, cancelled bookings strikethrough, changes and new bookings in bold.

UNDER 1800cc - 77 cars - nice selection of Top Tin for the classics races.

5 Carlos Perez A60 Buxton
14 Josh Bailey Big J Mk5 Cortina Ringwood
24 Mark Lane Brothel Primera Ringwood
25 Mark Thomas Tombo Stellar Spedeworth
40 Ben Reeder ? NCBRC
43 Leigh McCaffery Bluebird Standlake
51 Dan Crosbie Vectra Mendips
54 Alan Cartwright Winnie Scooby Doo Standlake
55 Graham Smith Smiggy Cortina Buxton
74 Jason Kew Kewy Primera Standlake
75 Clive Cordery Cortina Unattached
76 Sean Enevoldsen Bam Bam Almera Standlake
78 Timmy Pike Stig ? Standlake
107 Shane Thompson Pushon Vectra Ringwood
107 David Joyner Daiboy Marina Unattached
108 Steve Thompson Fletch ? Ringwood
109 Paul Forbes Forbesy RWD Bluebird Cornish Wreckers
110 Derek Tyler YoYo Man Cavalier Standlake
112 Adam Grant Classic Ringwood
114 Shaun Turnage ? Standlake
124 Carl Korszewski Orris Bluebird Standlake
128 Daniel Allen Patrick Mk5 Cortina Standlake
133 Ian Parkes Top Banana Capri Buxton
140 Mark Lee Sass 1963 Minx RDC
141 Eddie Cotton Piglet ? Standlake
155 Robert Phillips Viva Isle of Wight
157 David Herbert Bluebird Standlake
168 Ian Morley Paddy Cortina Unattached
184 Andy Nutley Bluebird Autospeed
186 Alex Daniels Alexbender Cortina Barford
190 Stephen Bailey Pikey Bluebird Autospeed
200 Steve Farrell Noon A60 Buxton
210 Paul Barnes Barney Primera Mendips
214 Lee Vincent Skeeter Lada Ringwood
239 Steve Carter Nemesis Bluebird Autospeed
251 Gareth Hoskins Bluebird Inc
252 Will Bignell Wild Willy Bluebird Standlake
254 Steven Ryan Primera NCBRC
257 Timmy Aldridge Bluebird Standlake
275 Shane Allen Shaney Primera Ringwood
298 Steve Henty TinTin Classic Spedeworth
303 Brian Cope MGB GT Incarace
304 Chris Saintey Audi 80 Autospeed
307 Ricky Wearne Rick O Shea Hyundai Stellar Cornish Wreckers
310 Chas Lee A55 RDC
322 Paul Brown Primera Ringwood
333 Tony Cotton Cortina Isle of Wight
360 Jack Reynolds Jackstar 1967 Austin ? Standlake
368 Mark Annets Spudgun Classic Spedeworth
382 Alex Edwardson Primera Standlake
395 Joe Donworth West Howe Warrior Classic Spedeworth
402 Nick Manners Primera Standlake
406 Chris Bridger Vectra Autospeed
414 James Ellerker ? Mendips
421 Rob Johnston Helmet Cortina Unattached
425 Neil McPhilimy Primera Standlake
426 Paul Horwood Slap Bluebird Standlake
427 Dean McPhilimy Primera Standlake
444 Mark Clark Mutley Sunny NCBRC
467 John Plater Capri Cornish Wreckers
468 Gary Julian Bluebird NCBRC
476 Matt Rogers RWD Bluebird Cornish Wreckers
500 Scott Mullady Stupid Scott Primera Ringwood
604 Kevin Hookway Primera Autospeed
606 Liam Weedon Boomer Capri Standlake
622 Ifor Evans Vauxhall Viva Standlake
622 Garry Webb Gazza RWD Toyota carina Spedeworth
682 Mark Cross Bluebird Trent Raceway
700 Steve McMamara Gummy Cortina Unattached
719 Chris Storey Classic Autospeed
727 Simon Young A60 Isle of Wight
731 Shaun Dyer Diabolical Dyer Classic Mendips
748 Graham Kiddle Cavalier Startrax
785 Barry Collins Bazza Bluebird Spedeworth
788 Steve Bessant Fivebellies Cortina Est Ringwood
815 Ian Castle Primera Standlake
821 Josh Bucket Little Bucks Vectra Standlake
840 Stephen Sheppard Primera Ringwood
901 Anthony Cramp A60 Standlake
908 David Brown Bluebird Mendips
909 Jamie Duff Rover 214 Isle of Wight
920 Terry Church Churchy Primera Standlake
969 Andy Fryer Bluebird Unattached
987 Wayne Bessant Fender Bender Wolseley 1660 Ringwood
Added to list
99 Anthony Booth Toyota Carina Barford
131 Steve Cock Cocksey Bluebird Mendips
240 Rob Setters Setters Lada Ringwood
248 Dave Stopp Bluebird Standlake
256 Jamie Turner Datsun Cherry Ringwood
315 Jack Holmes Sherlock 2 Door Viva Bournemouth
582 Stephen Tustian Rover 416 Standlake
718 Adie Brown Bluebird Mendips
888 Martin Haycock Mad Mart Primera Wales
4 Doug Craig Cavalier Spedewoth
128 Mark Atkins Primera Inc
276 Adam Rowell Cavalier Unattached

UNLIMITEDs - 84 cars

2 Jon Bricknell ? Standlake
5 Carlos Perez Datsun 280C Buxton
6 Mark Holdsworth Bentley Inc
11 Damien Deacon Dangerous Damien Volvo Ringwood
13 Pieter Leistra Peewee 1965 Mk1 Mustang Holland
17 Kyle Overy Little Chief Granada RDC
25 Mark Thomas Tombo Triumph Spedeworth
29 Nick Frost-Jones Volvo Isle of Wight
35 Rob Jopling Bug ? Spedeworth
45 Antony Croshaw Lips Volvo Autospeed
53 Matt Willsher Sparkster Jag Spedeworth
54 Alan Cartwright Winnie Lincoln Limo Standlake
55 Graham Smith Smiggy Granada Buxton
61 Stuart Holdsworth P5 Inc
74 Jason Kew Mk2 Granada Standlake
75 Clive Cordery Omega Unattached
78 Timmy Pike Stig ? Standlake
80 Matt Nutley Nutspeed Granada Autospeed
81 Matt Buckland Knuckles Jag Autospeed
82 Paul Tomkins Winkle Granada Spedeworth
111 Joe Cotton Cottoneye ? Standlake
124 Carl Korszewski Orris Mk10 Jag Standlake
125 Ian Sharratt Porky Granada Buxton
133 Karly Day Volvo RDC
143 Martin Wilkes Chicken Man Mk 2 Jag Standlake
146 Danny Wigman Wiggy 240 Volvo Spedeworth
155 Craig Boyle Rover SD1 Standlake
169 Jason Thompson Volvo Standlake
174 Stephen Ledbury Scooby Steve Volvo 240 Standlake
178 Jamie Stepp Volvo 240 Standlake
200 Steve Farrell Noon Granada Buxton
201 David Haynes Nobby ? Standlake
211 Chris Watts Wattsie MK2 Granada Limo Ringwood
218 Rob Speak Speaky Granada Scorpio Ultima Barford
221 John Paul Pee Wee MK3 Granada Ringwood
225 Jason King Kinger Volvo 145 Est Standlake
235 Chris Elkins Jag XJ40 Ringwood
241 Liam Cracknell Jag Autospeed
244 Michael Bunyan Baby Bunny Volvo Standlake
252 Steven Bugler Boogie Volvo Autospeed
253 Luke Hands Austin Unattached
257 Timmy Aldridge Volvo 740 Standlake
264 Mark Welland Wellard Jag Spedeworth
268 Gavin Barnett Granada Isle of Wight
269 Rob Houghton Rob the Roof Yank Autospeed
273 Stuart Emery Erny Volvo 740 Standlake
282 Lee Treasurer Ugly Omega Autospeed
294 Steve Martindale Trigger Chevy Fleetline Standlake
296 Terry Barber Lincoln Town Car Limo Standlake
302 Simon Baker Granada Standlake
303 Jason Oliver The Needy-Peck XJ40 Mendips
318 Wilf Speak Wilf Granada Scorpio Ultima GMP
322 James Newland Twigo Mercedes Limo Spedeworth
340 Colin Jones Jonesy Volvo 240 Spedeworth
348 Sonny Sherwood Mushy Jag PRI
360 Jack Reynolds Jackstar Classic Standlake
362 Matt Godden Datsun 280 Inc
363 Sam Trim Trummer Volvo Mendips
371 Paul White Mr Nutty Jag Autospeed
397 Andrew Cullen The Chav Mk2 Granada Spedeworth
399 Phil Cullen The Frog Mk1 Granada Coupe Spedeworth
400 George Kelly Chip Volvo 240 Smallfield
491 Neil Sparks Jag Standlake
617 Jack Overy ? Team Black
622 Garry Webb Gazza 1966 Cadillac Limo Spedeworth
659 Neil Payne Ug Chrysler LeBaron Trackstar
702 James Dodge Jimbo Volvo Autospeed
704 Kevin Chandler Volvo 240 Unattached
705 Anthony Turner Volvo 240 Spedeworth
733 Ricky Stroud Volvo 240 Ringwood
756 Brian Heath Granada Standlake
776 Paul Callaway Datsun 300C Ringwood
782 Glenn Boyce Lincoln Town Car Limo RDC
801 Mike English Micky Plum Jag Mendips
848 Dave Webb Webby Mk2 Jag SAA
873 Simon Wincote Simple Omega Standlake
882 Nathan Grant Granada Est Standlake
920 Simon Sparrow Volvo 240 Ringwood
923 Jonathon Cox Catty Volvo Standlake
998 Wayne Cottrill Cotty ? Team Black
02 Luke Dawson Volvo Spedeworth
Added to list
28 Tom Catlin Volvo Est Autospeed
46 Keith Painter Maverick Granada Spedeworth
99 Richie Ahern The Cheat Granada RDC
133 Ben Wyatt Granada Autospeed
199 Jamie Wyatt Granada Autospeed
207 Michael Woodward Compo Volvo Autospeed
298 Sam Wyatt Granada Autospeed
333 Steve Randall Volvo Est Autospeed
384 John Golden Goldie Mk1 Granada Team Black
822 Allan Webb Al Boy Volvo 240 Unattached
833 Gary Coles Gazza Granada Spedeworth
40 Pete Stanley XJ6 Mendips
40 David Wilde Wilde Granada Spedeworth
96 Dave Tancock Tank Yank Autospeed
121 Trevor Mulligan Toyota Crown Ireland
446 Jason Burt Mk2 Granada Mendips
525 Terry Boxall Mk2 Granada Spedeworth
393 Nick Digweed Jag Spedeworth

MONDEO'S - 47 cars

2 Jon Bricknell Standlake
5 Carlos Perez Buxton
10 Paul Whiteman PRI
24 Jason Cuddihy Stinky Spedeworth
31 Glyn Robinson SAA
41 Dan Pullen Standlake
45 Antony Croshaw Lips Autospeed
58 Luke Shelley SAA
66 Mark Rogers Spedeworth
67 Rickie Beasley Sonny Black Standlake
79 Ricky Twell Twelly RDC
81 Matt Buckland Knuckles Autospeed
98 Brian Deeprose Baldrick Standlake
117 Mark Robinson Robbo SAA
137 Jay Chilton RDC
138 Tom Chilton Tommy Gun RDC
157 Michael Piggott Piglet RDC
163 Wayne Simmons Sids SAA
171 James Simpson Stuntman Spedeworth
176 Adrian Gibbs Gibbo RDC
180 Mark Foster Sparky RDC
188 Matt Fuller PRI
190 Stephen Bailey Pikey Autospeed
237 Steve Goldup Standlake
239 Steve Carter Nemesis Autospeed
252 Steven Bugler Boogie Autospeed
277 Sean Rowell Unattached
303 Nic Saintey Autospeed
341 Andrew Jones Autospeed
362 Liam Friel Tilley RDC
369 Gary Holmes Autospeed
382 Jack Foster Jnr RDC
391 Adam Bligdon Little Spikey Standlake
416 Danny Lawrence Rude Boy Ringwood
514 Marty Eighteen Spedeworth
519 Lee Middleton Knuckles Inc
632 Callum Reed Reedy Ringwood
707 Mark Court Squinty Standlake
714 Paul Smalden Autospeed
734 Ben Large Tongham
779 Luke Allen Munch RDC
801 Jack Foster RDC
807 Chris Murfin Smurf Skegness
863 Steve Parish NCBRC
Added to list
231 Reece Fields Unattached
387 Glyn Stanton Standlake
699 Stacey Hands Inc
730 Dean Mayes Spedeworth
271 Dean Goodearl Deano PRI
379 Adrian Clifton The Worm Spedeworth
557 John Small PRI
571 George Goodearl PRI
592 Mark Marchant PRI
593 Tommy Harrell PRI
741 Tony Crozier Unattached
19 Dave Mounger IOW
572 Paul Scully TSR

UNDECIDED which class

167 Kevin West Westy Standlake