7th January

HMC 2018 is fully booked with 236 Bangers.
If you want to go on the reserve list give Keith a bell on 01993 851002 or 07720372842 between 6 - 10pm.
Any one booked in that cannot make it should phone Keith as soon as possible to cancel their booking.
Racers are not allowed to give their booking to another racer, they must cancel with Keith who can then bring a reserve in as a replacement.
Any No Shows on the day who have not contacted Keith will not get booking for any future Standlake Arena events.

See it at Standlake Arena on Sunday 7th January 2018 - 11.30ish start time.
Banger only meeting with 20+ races. No Rod classes.
This year there are four classes of Bangers - Under 2litre / Unders Classics / Unlimiteds & Micro Bangers.
There will be classic races for Overs as long as there are enough cars for a race.
2000+ prize money - well split between smart cars, racers, wreckers, winners & losers.
Racers - Keep your cars going and you all get at least 2 heats, allcomers race & DD + Final if you qualify.
Car eligibility - No Pickups. No Mondeo's/Cougars. No Previa/MPV's. No Imperials / large 4x4's / Station wagon type vehicles (even if they are 2 wheel drive). Car derived Yanks allowed. Car derived 4 x 4's allowed (Sierra etc). All large Chassis vehicles have to race in the Overs. No Transit axles. No ott welding. Cars built to National Bangers spec,  If you have something different and are unsure about the eligibility phone Keith on 01993 851002, better to check than be refused on the day.

Racers - 10 
Spectators - 12
Youngsters  (12-16 years) & OAP's - 5
Accompanied Children up to 12 years old - Free
Parking - Free. Please note that no large vehicles will be allowed in for trackside parking. Unless you are racing all large vehicles / lorries / vans will all have to park in the overflow parking field. Please do not park in the trackside area unless you are staying until the end as you may well get boxed in. 

RACE DAY - Everyone please read:
Please appreciate this meeting is like no other meeting at Standlake, for that reason it is essential that all racers including our locals fully cooperate with us from the moment you enter the Arena.
Please arrive in good time, don't leave it until the last minute, gates will be open at 8.00 am.
Only towing vehicles with Booked in cars will be allowed in the pits so make sure you have everything with you. Support vehicles, vans etc will not be allowed in the pits.
There will be a height restriction for spectator vehicles, large Vans will have to park in the overflow parking field.
On entering the pits please park where the marshals direct you.
The top pits are for Micro & Under 2litre Bangers only, also no BIG lorries are allowed in the top pits.
All Unlimited Bangers and BIG lorries must use the bottom pits (the first ones you drive into).
Small cars in the top pits and big cars in the bottom pits will be rigidly enforced to ensure the smooth running of the meeting. It is far easier to get the smaller wrecks back up to the top pits than it would be the bigger cars.
Everyone must park where you are told and park as tightly as possible to the car next to you.
Places in the pits can not be saved for your mates - If you want to park with your mate then you must rendezvous before you arrive at the track and then arrive together.
Only towing vehicles and vehicles with Bangers on will be allowed in the pit, make sure you have your equipment with you as support vans will not be allowed in the pits. We simply don't have the room.

All scrutineering will take place on the track from 9am to 11.30am, please get scrutineered as soon as possible and please drive dead slow through the pits.
All racers will be given two tickets when scrutineered, don't lose them as you need to hand them over when you go out for your two heats. If you don't have your ticket to hand over you won't be allowed on the track.
The top 30 or so point scorers from the heats will qualify for the Final. 1st,2nd & 3rd places in the heats will almost certainly qualify you, 4th, 5th & 6th places may qualify you but depending on numbers there is no guarantee. For the Final cars will be lined up two abreast and pole will be decided with an Incarace style draw.
1st, 2nd & 3rd places in all races (except DD's) will receive a trophy plus a cash voucher. Prize money can be collected in race control after 4pm.
Now the nasty bit - you will be loaded up if you turn round and race the wrong way, jack stationary cars, attack anyone on the centre of the track or attack anyone by coming off the centre or if you continue to race/hit after the Red lights/flags. T bones are not allowed.    As long as you go the right way round and stay on the track you are OK.

Finally have a great day everyone and remember all our meetings through the season have plenty of action. Check our dates on the back of your race day programmes and pay us another visit ---- Everyone's welcome ----

---- Keith ----

Booked in racers:
All bookings have been taken in good faith, racers are expected to honour their booking.
As a promoter I never try to mislead anyone. Equally I don't expect racers to mislead anyone by booking in and not racing.
It is imperative to the smooth running & scheduling of HMC that these lists are 100% accurate.
Whichever class you are booked into is the class I am expecting you to be racing in.
If you want to change your class or car it's not a problem but you must inform Keith as soon as possible so that I can plan the meeting format.
If you change your booking without letting me know you may not be allowed to race.
Cancellations - Anyone booked in that cannot make it should phone Keith on 01993 851002 as soon as possible to cancel their booking.
Racers are not allowed to give their booking to another racer, they must cancel with Keith who can then bring a reserve in as a replacement.
'No Shows' on the day is just about as low as you can go and you will not get a booking at Standlake in the future. it only takes an email or phone call.
I'll thank all racers now for your co-operation.

Booking list.
Booking list as of 3rd January - 236 race cars:
Enjoy ---- Keith ----

Not on the lists - then you're not booked in and you're not racing at HMC 2018.
Don't turn up if you're not booked in, no matter who you are, you'll not be allowed in the pits and will be turned away without a race.
If you are booked in and can't make it please contact Keith ASAP to cancel.
All cancellation dates are noted, the later your date - the less chance you will have of a booking in future.
Whichever class you are booked into is the class I am expecting you to be racing in.
If you change your booking without letting me know you may not be allowed to race.
There is also a reserve list for racers awaiting cancellations. Contact Keith if you would like to go on the reserve list.

HMC 2018 - 236 Cars booked in
MICROS - 53 cars
5 Jeff Woolford
6 Damian Light
7 Aaron Charles
15 Simon Eggelton
19 Dave Mounger
20 Luke Pugh
35 Leonard Bowen
55 Chris Hornbrook
69 Nobby Staker
84 Jack Langridge
99 Kris Clifford
101 Jamie Warr
102 Clayton Wheeler
122 Wayne Boland
127 Robert Clark
128 Daniel Allen
136 John Harris
144 Matthew Woodcock
160 Joey Reynolds
199 Tom Pearce
207 Martin Anderson
210 Lewy Hart
252 David Llewellyn
260 Keith Reynolds
315 Jack Holmes
316 Vince Walmsley
333 Charlie Randall
405 Liam Bishop
420 Nicholas Souch
435 Stewart Donovan
468 Colin Quinnell
469 Paul Quinell
474 Lee Smith
479 Jason Wood
527 Elliot Wise
528 Guy Wise
535 Tommy Cox
538 Curtis Salvage
572 Paul Scully
622 Leon Weeks
692 Callum Gubbey
716 Jamie Lydon
733 Aaron Newell
737 Ian Crandon
741 Jamie Watts
746 David Tyler
747 Bradley Dee Crandon
808 Lee Rogers
810 James Barker
820 Martyn Perkins
837 Martin Wesby
920 Terry Church
921 Jack Aldridge
UNDER 2 Litre - 71 cars
2 Jon Bricknell
3 Gary Hicks
7 Aaron Charles
15 Andrew Dow
20 Jack Dow
23 Scott James
26 Dave Robins
27 Josh Clark
27 Dean Quinn
28 Darren Butler
32 Adam Ryves
39 Dean Smith
43 Dale Hall
44 Michael Bunyan
45 Antony Croshaw
51 Gary Eltham
57 Steve Cooper
76 Sean Enevoldson
122 Wayne Boland
123 Rob Smith
144 Matthew Woodcock
160 Joey Reynolds
166 Mark Fletcher
170 Darren Teal
178 Kieran Bowman
181 Grant Doe
199 Tom Pearce
205 Alex Ganter
218 Kevin Plunkett
226 Liam Bricknell
227 Chris Horton
244 Jack Bunyan
257 Timmy Aldridge
268 Gavin Barnett
274 Lewis Thorne
275 Jonny Tomlinson
276 Ross Walters
284 Leon Benjafield
294 Luke Martindale
300 Tom Valentine
307 Ricky Wearne
322 Alex Maddams
338 Adam Smith
391 Adam Bligdon
422 Samuel Lewis
425 Neil McPhilimy
427 Dean McPhilimy
428 Zak Torode
438 Jason Greener
489 Bobby Harris
544 Peter Jones
545 Darrell Wilkins
598 Robbie Fujak
657 Steve Larman
666 Matt Todhunter
703 Scott Whitaker
710 Daryl Simmonds
711 Karl Barber
720 Kenny Gabriel Jnr
748 Scott Tutty
783 Lee Strudwick
792 Barry Osborne
794 Andrew Shorten
794 Scott Martindale
818 Tom Tilley
883 Jack Filmer
909 Jamie Duff
919 Brian Yates
920 Terry Church
961 Bradley Deeprose
998 Ryan Drewitt
4 David Wilde
17 Spencer Draper
26 Dave Robins
71 Josh Jones
72 Billy Bond
78 Timmy Pike
80 Matt Nutley
84 Carl Boswell
91 Sam Bartlett
114 Liam Lake
184 Andy Nutley
200 Brian Pugsley
227 Adam Stubbs
228 Matt Fall
252 Steven Bugler
260 Keith Reynolds
264 Mark Welland
282 Ollie Monger
290 Joey Croft
294 Luke Martindale
311 Danny Allen
323 Dean Kelly
327 Rob Butler
329 Kevin Ealson
360 Jack Reynolds
371 Joe Allen
384 Liam Conway
411 Jack Allen
437 Connor Burbage
440 Macauley Mills
456 Terry Hawes
528 Alan Hunt
528 Guy Wise
553 Luke Webb
632 Kallum Reed
706 Simon Rowe
707 Mark Court
746 David Tyler
759 Jim Craddock
771 Joshua Cook
777 Ricky Daunton
787 Marc Key
802 Liam Duncanson
815 Tom Castle
878 Joe Prior
921 Jack Aldridge
UNLIMITEDS - 66 cars
2 Jon Bricknell
4 David Wilde
6 Mark Holdsworth
7 Jamie Charles
14 Charlie Taylor
17 Kyle Overy
32 Mark Walker
33 Gary Madgwick
35 Harry Berry
45 Antony Croshaw
75 Clive Haylett
77 Patxi Beasley
83 Andy Bevan
87 Justin Kappert
88 Billy Page
88 Randy Mulder
90 Mark Bartlett
103 Jack Deacon
116 Joey Sutton
124 Carl Korszewski
141 Eddie Cotton
146 Steven Voss
151 Matt Hall
160 Laurens van Dijk
177 Matt Williams
179 Jamie Phillips
182 Michael Maggs
221 Justin Riley
221 John Paul
226 Liam Bricknell
227 James Saunders
230 Keirren Genge
233 Dan Toepher
240 Rob Setters
246 Aston Burt
253 Ben Hunt
257 Timmy Aldridge
273 Stuart Emery
316 Vince Walmsley
321 Keiron Fry
325 Adam Wickson
329 Michael Carter
333 Bradley Wickson
384 John Golden
418 Amie Jones
421 Josh Mayo
433 Barry Carter
503 Seymour Tucker
514 Marty Eighteen
521 Ashley Riley
528 Alan Hunt
572 Paul Scully
606 Liam Weedon
622 Garry Webb
632 Kallum Reed
660 Gavin Dampney
691 Jason Gubbey
699 Stacey Holdsworth
702 James Dodge
721 Paul Carlton
747 Bradley Dee Crandon
787 Wade Mayo
840 Stephen Sheppard
841 Wayne Watts
884 Tom Filmer
920 Terry Church